Saturday, August 25, 2012

Classroom Setup 2012-2013

Since I'm a blog addict and have stalked blogs for years, I decided to start up my own. School has started and I successfully made it through my first week! Here's a peak at the beginning stages of my room... I can guarantee it will change throughout the year since I'm completely OCD! I absolutely love creating things for my room which is probably why I'm there late every night!

I went with a racing theme this year to incorporate my new colors (red, white, black, and a hint of yellow)
I went to the University of Maryland and really liked how these colors went together.  I also wanted all of my bulletin boards to have a black background so that whatever was on them would POP! 

Job Chart...I will post an updated picture this week.

Hallway Bulletin Board 

Schedule, Calendar, Detention Chart, and My Desk Area 

Left side of the Board 

Reading Corner 

Full classroom view before all the posters were up

Bulletin Boards in the Back of the Room

Star Student was called MVP last year and "Driver of the Week" this year to go with my theme

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  1. Love it! I really like where your reading corner is this year :D