Wednesday, October 31, 2012

American Education Week

Being that I am on the American Education Week committee at my school and it's right around the corner, I decided to share the teacher letter along with the poster that I made.  The 91st celebration of American Education Week will take place November 12th through November 16th with a "Parent Visitation Day" on Wednesday, November 14th.  I hope it goes well for everyone and I'd love to hear what types of things you do at your schools!

American Education Week Poster

American Education Week Teacher Letter

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We just finished learning about clouds! The kids made cloud riddles and used cotton balls to make their cloud of choice. I also took real life pictures of clouds and had them guess what kind.

National gallery of art field trip

In preparation of our field trip to the National Gallery of Art, we were sent 4 beautiful books, two posters, and a bunch of resources and common core style activities! I am so impressed and excited!


I started a recycling "center" in my own classroom to try to alleviate the recycling issue at our school.  Basically, I bought a HUGE zip lock bag and wrote "RECYCLING" on it.  We put our recycled items in the bag each day and at the end of the day a student takes it home, dumps it with their home recycling, and then brings the bag back.  The next day I give the kids an "Awesome ECOkid Award."  The students LOVE it, but we need something school wide.