Friday, January 4, 2013

Free Digital Books Online!

Today I shared a wonderful resource with the students.  Mrs. Krussman, our reading specialist informed all teachers about "MyOn Reader... my choice, my books, my growth."  It is a wonderful database full of FREE digital books!

Prince George's County Public Schools set this up for students.  It is a digital library with HUNDREDS of digital books from Capstone Digital.  You can use any computer (with internet) to access the site!  Students and parents can access these digital books for individual reading, homework, research, and FUN!

Families are encouraged to spend time together reading and learning.  All of the digital books have reading supports (highlighting and audio so you can listen to the story as well).  There are various genres, titles, and topics.

Please check it out! It is for YOU! 

School Name: Hollywood Elementary School


Password: ______________
^ (I will have students write the password in their agenda books so it's safe)

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