Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Exploring the Solar System

The Solar System - interactive review

After reading up on each planet, looking at pictures on the computer and in books, and exploring some sites NASA has available, students create a plethora of activities to culminate our unit.

The first was a solar system flip book.  Here they drew a picture for each planet AND included some important facts.  Most of them turned out AMAZING!  They honestly LOVED creating this and definitely enjoy anything involving art/coloring/drawing.

Below you can see the inside of some of the flip books so you can see how the pages were done...

Here's an aerial shot of most of the flip books.  They were all so amazing I couldn't focus on just a few to show!

Next, in order to make our bulletin board a bit more interactive, I had the students create a "challenge" question.  This question could be geared to any age group since Pre-K students all the way up to 5th graders and adults walk by our classroom/bulletin board on a daily basis.

The students worked completely on their own to complete this assignment in class, but were able to use their solar system packets that we've been working on (it includes readings and comprehension questions on each planet) and they could use the variety of solar system books I put out for them.

Here are some examples (I apologize, I didn't know how to rotate them...proof I'm still a blogger baby)

Lastly, if students finished their seat work, they were able to complete a little solar system hat/headband on a sentence strip.  This is a very basic assignment, but it was only for early finishers who opted out of using the computer to discover more about the solar system. 

Check them out...

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